Is Domain Age a Factor in Ranking a Website?

On our last post we’ve talked about improving your website’s speed for better SEO results (See post here). Today i’d like to discuss another ranking factor that is being questioned by many webmasters and business owners and that factor is non other than domain age. If you are surfing around SEO forums than you’ve probably came across discussions regarding opening websites with a brand new domain and if doing so will cause harm to rankings.

So if you’ve wondered for yourself if domain age plays a role in rankings then you should know that it does. however, hold on! Matt cutts the head of google’s webspam team said on a video that although domain age does play a factor in ranking the authority boost of a 1-year-old domain compared to a 6 month old domain is very small and you should not worry about it too much.

Some of you have probably been searching for auctioned domains to get an authority boost and that’s alright however, keep in mind that google has over 200 ranking factors and you should probably get a domain that fits your niche and not get a domain that is completely unrelated to your website just because it is aged.  Focus on getting quality unique content as-well as high page rank backlinks to your website and you should be fine.

So to summarize everything up you shouldn’t worry about domain age too much. Just grab a domain and put a sign that says “under maintenance” work on developing your website and by the time you are done your domain should probably be already 1-3 months old and the age won’t have a lot of significance.

I hope i’ve cleared some things up in this post. Have a good day! :)

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