Improve Your Website’s Speed For Better SEO

As the Internet has evolved, there has been a common need to improve website speed. This involves looking at your existing website and understanding what you can do from both an on-page, and server level to maximize performance. There are several benefits to improving your website speed and this article is designed to highlight some of the major reasons. From the top-level perspective, the two main benefits are in the areas of your SEO, and the user experience of your visitors.

Better SEO Results With Speed

Over the past 12 months or so, search engines have made major upgrades to their ranking algorithm to include the performance of your website. It is commonly known that the speed of your website is now part of that algorithm and this factors into your ability to rank. When you think about it, It makes perfect sense as the search engines goal is to ensure that their users have a pleasurable experience based on websites they refer them to. In addition to the general speed of your website, search engines also attempt to look at the bounce rate of your website as well as the average time a user spends on the page. When you think about these factors, to improve website speed is to also help in these two additional areas. The faster a website loads, the less likely a user is to use the back button on their browser to find a faster website. In addition, the time a user spends on the website begins much faster as the website loads immediately once a user visits.

Speed Gives a Pleasurable User Experience

As explained in the previous paragraph your visitors user experience helps the overall conversions on your website in addition to having a SEO benefits. There is a common statistic that suggests that a website has approximately 4 to 6 seconds to capture user’s attention. If a majority of that time is used to load the pages of your website, the more likely it is that users will become frustrated and decide to use the back button on their browser. Another thing to consider is the load times of your pages when user navigates on your website. Patience is something that your visitors do not have, throughout the process of reviewing your website a user can become frustrated if there is a delay across visiting multiple pages. In summary your visitors user experience should be optimized to help the overall effectiveness of your website. If you improve website speed, you are well on your way to providing your visitors a good experience.

In summary, to above benefits are the core reasons why you should explore improving the speed on your website. Looking into the future it also suggests that over time the speed of your website will play more of a role in the search engines ranking algorithm. Applying optimization now, puts you in a position to enjoy the benefits down the road when search engines decide to increase the value of a websites speed.

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