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It is out of question that quality backlinks are crucial to SEO success. More, the question is how to get them. While with on-page content optimization it seems easier because everything is up to you to do and decide, with backlinks it looks like you have to rely on others to work for your success. Well, this is partially true because while backlinks are links that start on another site and point to yours, you can discuss with the Web master of the other site details like the anchor text, for example. Yes, it is not the same as administering your own sites – i.e. you do not have total control over backlinks – but still there are many aspects that can be negotiated.

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Backlink Builder

Building Quality backlinks is one of the most important factors in Search Engine Optimization.It is not enough just to have a lot of backlinks, it is the Quality of backlinks along with the Quantity that help you rank better in Search Engines.A backlink could be considered as a Quality Backlink if

1. The Theme of the backlinking website is the same as your website.

2. It links to your website with the keyword (keyphrase) that you are trying to optimize for.

This tools searches for websites of the theme you specify that contain keyphrases like "Add link", "Add site", "Add URL", "Submit URL", "Add Article" etc. Most of the results could be quality potential backlinks.

Free Backlink Builder

Not only is backlinking a very time consuming and tedious process, but also, backlinking can be done the wrong way. If backlinks are built up too quickly, too many link exchanges take place, or links look too much like spam and aren't relevent, an entire website's ranking future is put at risk and SEO efforts are undermined. Using a site like SeoCapt.com, which offers free backlink services for users, can ease this process and eliminate wasted time and money. Simply click on our form below.

High Quality Backlinks

When ever we talk about SEO, we divide it into on site and off site SEO. Off site SEO mainly contains backlinks and social signals. Specially, to boost your ranking in SERP’s you need to get quality links from other authority sites. We all know the importance of search engine traffic and that getting high quality backlinks to your blog is one of the best ways to improve your blogs rankings and get better search engine traffic and results, this post will be listing 101 ways by which you can get quality backlinks to your blog.

"Search Engine Optimization now revolves around link building".Inbound Links make your website stand out prominent in the SERPs. In today's SEO world, more than 95% of the focus is on building quality backlinks.
SEO Expert Noah Michael

Free Backlinks

Free Backlinks is a free service that allows members to exchange quality links automatically. You can specify topic, language, PageRank and much more of each backlink and reject any links you do not want. The more links you show on your site the more backlinks you get in return. It is completely free to use with the option of purchasing additional backlinks.

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Automatically Ping URLs

All website links created are instantly pinged with premium quality sites.

We are Use, Ping-O-Matic (Blo.gs, Feed Burner, Spinn3r, Superfeedr, twingly.com, moreover.com etc.) is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated. We regularly check downstream services to make sure that they're legit and still work. So while it may appear like we have fewer services, they're the most important ones. Make sure to only ping specialized services if they're relevant to your blog, otherwise you'll cause an undue burden on them.


If you want your website to achieve the top position in search engine result pages for increasing organic traffic, then you have to follow tactics to improve SEO. As mentioned earlier, building links is one of the essential tactics of SEO, but this strategy isn’t easy to execute. Therefore, taking the help of a backlink builder tool can be of great significance if you aim to build free backlinks.

Link to Websites Related to Your Niche:

Creating links doesn’t mean that you should start using black hat links building tactics. The links pointing towards your website should be related to your niche as search engine crawlers are smart enough to differentiate between natural links and paid links. Free website backlinks that are always related to your site niche otherwise they will be considered as bad-quality links, and it will negatively affect your rankings.

Get your Site Indexed by Search Engines:

Backlink builder tool creates free links to the webpages of your site and will improve its backlink profile and image in the eyes of visitors and search engines. If your website is new, then builds high-quality links by using a free backlink maker, it will eventually be noticed and get indexed by search engine bots.

Can I monetize free backlinks?

Of course. You can sell and earn the service we offer you on digital markets such as backlink sales sites fiverr, upwork, flexjobs. Many freelancers earn with us.

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