A Look At Article Marketing

Article marketing is a form of advertising depicting businesses forming a marketing strategy around ‘writing articles of varying lengths about their operations, the business itself or their field of expertise.’

Internet article marketing focuses on promoting a business’ and/or individual’s products, services and their market expertise in online contexts. Many of these articles are later deposited (uploaded) to online article directories for marketing purposes.

Behind article directories as a marketing tool

Article directories are a type of ‘article depository’ for uploading informative articles. Individuals and/or businesses who upload articles to a directory usually follow strict content guidelines before having their content publicly available for web visitors to browse.

At frequently visited article directories, many article pages receive high traffic from incoming visitors. As a result, this traffic helps businesses and individuals build awareness about their products, services and/or market expertise.

Article directories help maximize the results of article marketing campaigns. This mainly works through a business or individual submitting articles to several article directories at once. High web traffic from those pages may eventually ‘link’ them to search engines like Google, making a business and/or individual’s website more authoritative.

The purpose of article marketing for business and individuals

The main purpose of article marketing involves providing valuable and informative articles to users, instead of promoting only market expertise, products and/or services. Authoritative content can make a business and/or individual strengthen their influence in their industry. At the same time, they can also keep building continuous traffic for their websites.

Articles within a directory are eventually linked to their writer’s business websites, which provide valuable industry-related information for web visitors. This link may help influence their website’s Google Rank, potentially raising it over time.

Taking advantage of article marketing

Businesses and individuals can start taking advantage of article marketing through writing about their expertise. Although some may want to write about their personal interests, many businesses and individuals are advised to create content that’s relevant to their business, products and/or services first.

Alternatively, they can write about their market expertise, using keyword research to pinpoint associated keywords that may help interest and draw people to said content. When a user searches for associated keywords, that same page may show up in associated search engine results pages, which more or less leads to potential gains in web traffic.

Keywords are phrases used to essentially find websites through a search engine. The most common way to use keywords involves placing them within the article’s body and headline. This helps search engines ‘pick up’ that piece of content, later indexing that web page in their search database. You need to buy quality backlinks to get the best performance.

The most important aspect about article marketing, however, involves the marketing aspect. Although marketing is encouraged throughout the process, the actual written content can’t contain ‘selling’ or other forms of advertising within the article.

Search engines now place a large emphasis on websites providing users with valuable and readable content. Businesses and individuals need to start providing their users with those experiences. When using article marketing to accomplish that, articles themselves morph into an incredible powerful marketing tools.

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